Our Applications

Here you will find a list of our applications. You may need to enable non-market apps to install these. QR codes are provided so it is easier to download the app directly to your phone.

A simple counter app for your Android device. It is a replacement of those counting things people sometimes hold to count the number of people entering a building. This was the first app from Snowflake Dev, and it was really a practice app I made to get me some experience into Android development. I'm just starting off from scratch with no experience with Java or Android.

To use the app, simply press the +1 button to add one to the number on the top, and -1 to subtract one from the number at the top. The reset button resets the number at the top to 0. Every time you start the app, the number at the top is reset, it doesn't save where you left off from last time. 

There are two versions for this app. One is for Android devices 2.1 and over and the other is for Android devices 4.0 and over. The reason I made two versions is because for some reason, an app compiled against 2.1 doesn't look good on an Android 4.0 smartphone.

Counter 2.1: http://goo.gl/sIwiu (QR Code)
Counter 4.0: http://goo.gl/eBrCa (QR Code)