Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ICS 4.0.4 is out for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

If you are a lucky owner of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you probably saw a small system update icon in the notification area. That's right! ICS 4.0.4 is finally out for the Galaxy Nexus!

The update includes slight UI changes and bug fixes. According to users, their device has been running slightly faster since the update. The update also brings you the Google Wallet app, something everyone has been waiting for. Google Wallet is great, and with the update, you no longer need to run an unauthorized app.  So go ahead and grab yourself the update and try out the new ICS!

If you are rooted, the update will unroot your phone. Simply reroot your phone after the update and everything will be the same again. For instructions on how to protect your root during the update, please see my tutorial here.

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